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4 Things To Do Before Online Dating so You Don’t Waste Your Time


Michael is back in Wisconsin helping his 82 year old parents sell their house of 56 years and move to their new place.

Talk about accumulating stuff.

Can you imagine how much stuff you could accumulate if you didn’t move for 56 years?

Fun fact they bought their house in 1963 for $11,000.

Yikes what do you think houses are going to cost in 56 years from today?

Ashley and our son Mason are fending for themselves in Sonoma.

Oh well I guess they’ll have great wine and food to keep em company 😊

We love helping professional women find love and have EVEN more success in their lives.

When it comes to FINDING the right person to love, we usually recommend to our clients that they use both an online and offline strategy to meet men.

Online Dating is one of those necessary evils in your love life.

You don’t like doing it.

It’s frustrating.

A few people get great results.

Many people don’t get great results.

But what are your other options right?

Online dating is a lot like a gym.

The gym itself isn’t what gets you more fit and healthier.

You can have a gym membership and NEVER GO.

Or go sporadically.

Or go and do workouts that don’t get you results.

It’s not on the gym whether you get fit or not.

What matters is if you show up and what you do when you’re at the gym.

Online dating is the same.

The apps or sites aren’t good or bad.

They are tools and if you learn to use them EFFECTIVELY you will get results.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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