Anonymous Confessions from a Married Nurse Practitioner

ANONYMOUS CONFESSIONS in Success, Happiness & Love
Here's what one nurse practitioner confessed to us......
My husband and I both prioritize our marriage. We would quit our jobs before we would allow them to interfere with our relationship.
We take regular vacations and long weekends together and are intentional about having time together away from screens. Each night we put our phones away and eat dinner together at the kitchen table.
We also commute an hour to work together and spend quality time walking to Bart two miles per day.
As a women I manage work and a relationship by equally dividing house chores or contracting out. My husband does half of all house duties and will take over for my half if my work demands, something I do for him as well.
We communicate openly and freely and ask one another for help as needed. He out earns me but we respect one another’s careers equally and efforts regardless of income. I have delayed having children which has helped both areas of my life, and I plan the reduce my work commitment for more time at home once we have kids.
I think the most important thing is finding the right partner. We support each others careers and they are meaningful to us, but we view them as a means to affording a life of travel, comfort, and ability to engage in pleasurable activity together.

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