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Are you always GIVING! GIVING! GIVING?

Are you always GIVING! GIVING! GIVING?
And yet you end up dating men who just TAKE?
If you’re a caring, thoughtful woman who is a natural giver it’s time to get your needs met!
Here’s why this is a MUST.
You’re a natural giver! It’s in your nature to give to those close to you.
You won’t ever stop being a giver and THAT’S A GOOD THING.
But the way you’re showing up in dating attracts TAKERS.
You are ATTRACTING men who are wrong for you.
They see your giving a mile away and couldn’t be happier to take anything they can from you.
Your giving lights people up. It soothes their soul. It fills up their lives.
Your ability to give is one of the greatest things about you.
Your greatest strengths can also sabotage you in love.
It’s the same if you’re extraordinarily attractive. Many men will want you just for your beauty.
Or if you’re rich. People will want to be with you simply for your money.
These men want to be with you simply for your giving.
We are going to change this.
You are not going to stop giving!
In fact, you could probably give more and still get your needs met with the right guy.
What we must do is change your relationship to your own wants and needs.
This is exactly what we do in our Relationship Accelerator program.
Once you change how you view and communicate your own wants and needs the TAKERS will vanish.
Takers HATE being around someone with a specific relationship to their needs.
Even if you’re giving to them a taker will run for the hills the second he gets a whiff of you and your needs.
We need to push these takers away with your relationship to your own want and needs.
Even better news, the right kind of guy also responds powerfully to your new relationship to your needs.
He is drawn to you and it creates desire in him to step up and proactively give to you.
This is where the giver also becomes the given.
And the two of you live the rest of your lives giving to each other.
This is what you want and it’s possible.
We specialize in helping women who are always dating TAKERS and we want to help you.
To get our help to stop dating the takers and meet your giver apply here and schedule a time to talk with us:
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