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Be His Only Choice & Be Unforgettable


Be His Only Choice & Be Unforgettable.

Why the kind of man you want isn’t seeing your awesomeness
(Your Relationship Offer)

Your Relationship Offer is the first step in Rebranding to attract the kind of man you really want

You don’t NEED a man in your life. You WANT a man to share your life with.

You want to create and build a life with someone,

You want to share in all that you have worked so hard for.

Your Relationship Offer is having clarity on what makes you awesome and what you can offer in a relationship and where that intersects with what the man you want desires most.

Here are the three steps to creating your, unique, irresistible Relationship Offer:

1) Your Why

Know your why. Why do you want a man in your life? What can he do for you that no one else can? What value can he bring to your life?

2) His Why

What is your ideal man looking for in you?

Men think very deeply about commitment-this is why they often times don’t make a commitment.

They have to have a vision of what it will be like to be with you in the future. You can’t hold back on what you want because they won’t have certainty on what it would be like to be with you long term.

Identity-what can he bring into your life, who is he in relationship to you, what value can he add to your life, what can he do for you that no one else can

3) Paint the picture for yourself and for him

What does your life together look like

Lifestyle-what’s the day to day

Feelings-how are you going to feel when you are together

***The First step is to KNOW what your relationship offer is and today we’ve given you the tools for creating your own relationship offer.

The next step is to learn how to communicate your relationship offer to the man you want in a way that is congruent with who you are and creates desire for him.

Today, go create your Relationship Offer!

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