Don't Back Down from Bullies

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Yesterday, Michael went to pick up our son Mason from school.

Mason came running over to him and jumped into his arms.He was sobbing.

It was the kind of cry only Claire Danes could pull off or someone who had just gotten a metaphorical punch to their soul.

You see, Mason loves Pokémon.

When we say loves we mean LOVESSSSSSS!

He’s obsessed.

It’s all he talks about.

Hearing about Pokémon makes our ears hurt at this point he talks about it so much.

That day at school.

The biggest BULLY in school STOLE 4 of Mason’s BEST Pokémon cards.

He walked up to Mason and took them right out of his hands.Mason said give them back but to no avail.

He wasn’t keen on fighting this kid because the kid was the most prolific fighter in school. He was fighting other kids all day every day.

The bully walked away smirking with delight.

That night we sat down with Mason and talked about his options.

“Maybe you can just buy me four more Pokémon cards” he suggested.

That’s a hard NO.

We told him that it was time for him to STAND UP FOR HIMSELF.

To make a COMMITTED decision about what to do next.

The next day he went straight up to the BULLY and told him to GIVE HIM BACK THE CARDS NOW.

But this time he didn’t do it halfway. He told him with all the commitment, intensity and conviction of someone who was sure of what he was doing.

There was no mistaking Mason meant what he said.

And the Bully simply said “okay here they are”.

The same force is within all of us.

To often in our love lives we don’t stand up for ourselves.

We don’t commit to something or go all in.

We don’t say YES or NO, instead we waffle on the fence or in the gray area.

When you do that, you could be doing all the right things and still not be getting results.

You think the bully would’ve given Mason back his cards if he had said the same words but with less conviction?

Heck no.

In your love life, it’s time to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF.


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Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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