BURNOUT PREVENTION: Impact = Mission + Squad + Influence


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Burnout is one of the biggest challenges that we face as professional women who have successful careers and fulfilling personal lives.

It’s because we want to and literally can do it ALL.

Sometimes, we sacrifice our own needs to meet the needs of others and when we do that, we can get burned out pretty easily.

It may feel like we take a ton of action, but we don’t always get the superior outcomes we are striving for.

If what you are doing professionally feels purposeless, you will feel like a hamster in a spinning wheel.

Always doing something, but never getting to where you want to be.

When you can make an IMPACT, you will feel fulfilled. It will push you through the natural challenges and obstacles that come up in life both professionally and personally.

When you can make an IMPACT in what you are doing, you can do less work and get even better results.

Our formula for creating an impact looks like this:

Impact = Mission + Squad + Influence


Having a mission gives you clarity, purpose, direction, and a bottom line. It empowers you to have crucial and effective conversations with individuals, to reach specific goals, and to achieve big picture missions.

Our mission is to help incredible, professional women to create even more success, happiness, and love through crucial habits.

On a more molecular level...in practice, we have our clients create a mission statement to set them up to have a really powerful mindset and to take action that will produce immediate results.


This goes both ways…

To be truly effective, we need a squad - may only be one person!

We need people to bounce ideas off of that support us and our mission.

Usually, when you are creating an impact, you also want to have a squad of people that you are impacting.

We have two squads in our lives.

We are fortunate to have great family members and friends that support our mission.

We also have a squad of high level, professional women in our Rise Up Community where we create crucial habits for long term success, happiness, and love.


If you want to make an IMPACT, you have to be able to influence people with your mission.

We use the word influence instead of something like persuasion because this is not manipulation.

Influence is a well intentioned effect that you create through your conversations and interactions with others as you work toward your mission.

How and who are you making an IMPACT with now?

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