Compatibility - It's Lonely at the Top


Sunday we spent the WHOLE DAY unplugged.

No phones.

No checking email.

No social media.

It was glorious and a little weird to be honest.

We went for a long walk.  Our wine country dogs Bear and Bailey actually went for a ride on a swing.

They simultaneously loved it and hated it.

We played monopoly as a family.

Michael ended up winning. He had three houses on several properties.  Anytime Ashley or Mason landed on one of his properties they owed him $500.

This upcoming weekend one of our clients, Jennifer, from the Detroit area is getting MARRIED.

Yay celebrations all around.

But it wasn’t always that way for Jennifer. 

Just 2 years ago, she couldn’t seem to find any guy who was close to what she was looking for.

She was stuck in the professional woman’s love life.…

She was being pursued by men who she wasn’t interested in or who weren’t compatible and the men she did like either ghosted or flaked.

Here's the thing…

Jennifer is a smart, successful, attractive woman.


Which is precisely why it can be difficult to meet a compatible man.

It’s lonely at the top unless you know the right strategies to use.

When it comes to compatibility there are 3 factors that are important:

Compatibility = Values + Interactions + Vision

We shot a brand new Crucial Habits Show to lay out in detail what to look for in a compatible partner.

Ready to meet a man who is on your level, compatible with you AND commitment ready?

Fill out this quick assessment and we can get you the next steps to make this happen.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn



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