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Did he come on strong and then disappear?

You RARELY meet a guy that you are really interested in.

Most of the time, you are on again, off again with dating,

When you are in the “on” phase, you put in good effort and go through the motions.

Men are interested in you.

It’s pretty easy to get a first date.

The guys that you meet are great on paper.

You feel like you “should” like them.

They are nice and seem stable.

They seem to do all the right things, but you just don’t feel that chemistry or connection with these guys.

About one out of every 10 men or so really captures your interest.

He’s the guy that has the spark.

You two go out on dates and he seems to say everything right at first.

He comes on strong.

He tells you everything he is feeling and wanting in the moment.

Everything seems like it is going really great.

Part of you is waiting for the other shoe to drop, so you don’t go all in just yet.

He’s constantly telling you that he can’t wait to see you again.

He shares that he wants to get married and have kids one day.

He says that he’s excited about you and so lucky to have met you.

You want to see him prove to you that he’s going to stick around since the other guys haven’t.

It takes a little longer for you to warm up.

Once you are finally interested, it seems like he is suddenly distant and pulls away.

Now that you are expressing where you are at and wanting to see him again, it seems like he doesn’t want to be with you all of a sudden?

It’s so confusing!

We have seen this happen to thousands of women over and over again in every part of the world.

It felt like this connection with this guy was something really unique.

It’s hard not to wonder, “did I do or say something wrong?” Or “why would things change so suddenly?”

Most people judge what is happening in dating by what they are FEELING in the moment with someone and what someone is SAYING.

The truth is that it what you really need to see in the right guy is ACTION.

A man that really wants to be with you will make plans.

He will actively pursue you.

Most importantly, he will follow through.

When a guy is all talk about how he feels about you and what he wants with you, it’s a red flag.

When you have our dating funnel, you know exactly what should be happening and the next steps to take with a guy that you really like.

The first couple of dates are critical because that’s when a man will decide whether or not he thinks it’s worth it to put in the ACTION to pursue you.

You have a short window of time to show him who you really are and what you really want in a relationship.

When you can do that in a way that’s congruent with who you are and is also really ATTRACTIVE to the right man, he will be ready to make a commitment to you.

Using our simple, 4 step dating funnel, you will see a drastic difference in your dating immediately.

Men will pursue you with their actions, not just their words.

You will no longer have guys coming on strong and then fizzling out just as quickly.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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