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Does He Know You're Interested?

Are you 100% confident that the men you like the most know that you want to see them again?

Does a guy know that you are interested?

Here are some signs that he DOESN’T know you are interested…

You chat back and forth online or by text but he never asks you on an actual date.

The kind of men you are most interested in don’t approach you offline.

You go on dates, but there isn’t ever any physical chemistry and/or he doesn’t try to kiss you.

At the end of the date, you talk about going on a second date but then he never calls again.

Things fizzle out.

High caliber men who are on your level can feel pretty uncertain about whether or not they should pursue you.

In fact, the more attractive, intelligent, and successful you are the more you are going to need to let a guy know you are interested.

The solution is to give a guy a ton of green light signals that you are interested.

This doesn’t mean that you start following him everywhere he goes or sending him 1 million messages.

It does mean that you want to verbally and non-verbally show men that you’re enjoying where you’re at with them and are ready for the next step.

Give 10 times more green light signals than you are comfortable with.

The key is that you have to be in the right mindset when you give the green light signals or he won’t really get the hint.

We teach our clients all about the best green light signals to give and when to give them.

You can do it too. :)


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