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Don't Settle

What if you find someone who has some (but not all) of the qualities you are looking for?

Is that enough?

Should you settle because something better might not come along?


Don’t settle!

If you accept less than you really deserve right now, you will never be happy.

We teach our clients a nifty strategy we call the Never Settle Solution.

The basic gist is that there are four key elements of a happy, fulfilling, lasting relationship:

Chemistry, Connection, Compatibility, and Commitment

Where people get stuck is in figuring out if the 4 C’s are there early enough so that they don’t waste weeks, months, or years in the wrong relationship.

You want to find out by date 5 if there is enough of these four things there to warrant being in an exclusive relationship.

Date one is all about learning what you like about that person.

Dates two through five should be a great opportunity to share about what you are looking for and find out what they want long term.

If you don’t have chemistry at about a 5 by date 5, it’s likely not going to drastically change.

The emotional connection should be deepening.

You should have awareness of someone’s values and where they stack up against yours.

You should also see the commitment line moving toward exclusivity.

If those things are happening, it may be time to move on.

The biggest piece of advice that I will give you today is that you can’t ONLY assess these things up to date 5.

Once you get into an exclusive relationship, you need to balance having fun and getting to know each other with learning more about the 4 C’s.

Here’s a good example from one of our clients (see photo).

It took her about 6 weeks from starting our Relationship Accelerator program to get into a relationship with a really great guy.

Now, she is continuing to deepen and explore the relationship to make sure the relationship can really go the distance because she wants to build a life and a family with an amazing partner. 

Follow in her footsteps!

You're Awesome,

Always Accurate Ashley

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