Fear of Rejection - Are you rejecting yourself before he can?

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Want to feel confident dropping hooks to the men you really want?

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Dropping hooks is one of the most successful strategies for creating more connections personally and professionally.

Dropping a hook is starting an interaction or conversation with someone. It can be a smile, asking a question, responding to someone else’s attempt to communicate with you, etc…

Connecting with new people can be scary and sometimes we might avoid it because a million reasons pop up into our brains…

The biggest reason we DON’T start conversations is because we are afraid of rejection. 

We start to think things like….

Shouldn’t he reach out to me first?

What if I say something to him and he doesn’t respond?

What if he doesn’t like me?

If I reach out to him first, he will probably never pursue me.

These reasons lead us to feel more concerned about the potential of being rejected instead of staying focused on what we really want and taking the next step to get to our goal.

Giving into the fear of rejection leads to being pursued by men you aren’t interested in and feeling rejected by the men you do actually want.

Almost everyone is afraid of being rejected

Rejection doesn’t feel good. 

A strong fear of rejection leads to holding back on starting conversations, flirting, saying what we want, really going after what we want and going all in.  

In reality, we are actually afraid of a feeling, not the external thing that is happening.

Our fear of rejection is about wanting to avoid the emotion that comes after the rejection.

The funny part is that we are trying to avoid something that we totally have power over!

We can change how we think and how we feel.

You want many rejections in your life.  If you aren’t getting told NO and getting rejected you aren’t living out loud.  

You aren’t living anywhere close to your potential.  

Men you don’t like are pursuing you because you don’t care about their opinion, your true self comes out, and they are drawn to you. 

Men you want are not pursuing you because you’re not all in.

If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not dropping enough hooks. 

If you’re not dropping enough hooks, you’re not going to meet the right person.

Don’t reject yourself before someone else can.

When you drop a lot of hooks, you are much more likely to meet the man you want sooner and will experience less rejection because you will be focused on taking action toward the momentum you are creating.

Want to feel confident dropping hooks to the men you really want?

Let’s chat to see if we can help: http://findlovecall.com

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