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When was the last time you had GREAT photos taken of YOU?

When was the last time you had GREAT photos taken of YOU?

Either for your career, for dating (online sites) or for some other reason.

We recommend you get new photos taken of you every 2-3 years.

These photos can either be professionally done or take by a friend on a smart phone with a simple background and great lighting.

Don't use photos of you at events or weddings for your career photos or dating photos.

Don't try to use your professional photos for an online dating site.

If you're in a relationship, get one set of photos of you looking your best in your favorite professional outfit.

If you're single, get one professional set of photos as described above and one set of dating photos of you looking like you're going to look on a date.

Nobody wants to get new photos but they have powerful effects on your self-confidence and on your results in your career and in your love life if you're single.


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