Flirting Disaster or Flirting Master? - How to Flirt with a Guy You Like

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Flirting Disaster or Flirting Master - How to Flirt with a Guy You Like

Michael has been OBSESSED with flirting and attraction for over 20 years.

His obsession started because he was BAD at talking to the women he was into.

He had a weird yet common problem.

He could talk to and attract women he wasn’t interested in pretty easily.

But when it came time to spark a connection with a woman HE was into, it was like he got amnesia.

He couldn’t come up with ANYTHING good to say.

This was so frustrating to him he became obsessed with discovering how to flirt and connect with the opposite sex.

He’s been studying, experimenting with and teaching others how to EFFECTIVELY flirt for decades now and he’s made some startling discoveries about what works and what doesn’t.

There are TWO primary reasons why you either don’t flirt or don’t flirt effectively and we lay it all out for you in today’s Crucial Habits Show.

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