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How to Let Go of Your Ex Forever in 2 Simple Steps

If you want to know how to let go of your ex once and for all you are in the right place.  Learn these 2 simple techniques to get over someone.

A woman came to us in despair....

She couldn't get the thought of that jerk out of her mind. She kept replaying all the bad things he ever did to her over and over again. She also couldn’t forget how good he made her feel. There were brief moments when she thought he was the one for her.

All her friends told her to move on and forget about him. Even her mother gave her unsolicited advice about how she should “just let go of the relationship”.

The more she tried to forget about him, the more she felt emotionally stuck. Part of her wanted to have her mind erased so she could forget the relationship ever happened. Another part of her wanted to fall in love with a sexy, handsome and rich doctor so she could really show him what he took for granted and rub that smug look off of his face.

Have you been hurt in a previous relationship or even in multiple relationships?

Are you having problems forgetting about or moving on from your ex?

If you’ve been hurt by your ex, you know the flood of confusing and mixed “punch in the gut” emotions you experience.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you. It doesn’t matter that you know your ex was no good for you. When you are trying to get over an ex, logic goes out the window. Sure you “know” you should move on, but the lizard brain part of you won’t let you do it.

Part of you wants to get back at him. Part of you wants to win him back and live a fairy tale love affair. Part of you wants to win him back and dump his butt like he did to you. Part of you wants to make him feel what you’re feeling. Part of you wants him to admit that he was wrong.

We get it and it’s totally normal to experience all these intense and conflicting thoughts and feelings.  Being mentally and emotionally stuck in a previous relationship is disastrous for your future happiness and relationship success.

The good news is you can let go of your past relationships and we can show you how.  No, you can’t change your ex and you can’t change anything that happened in the past.

You can learn how to let go of your ex!

You can change how you feel now in relation to your past lovers. You can learn to let go of the anger and resentment in your heart. You can even use your past relationships as stepping stones to help you find love and make it last with the right kind of guy.

How to Let Go of Your Ex or Someone You Love

We teach our clients two simple but necessary steps in moving on and up from your ex.

The first step is our Neutralizing Emotions Technique.   After using the neutralizing emotions technique, you will feel nothing but peaceful neutrality toward your ex or ex’s. You will no longer experience any anger or resentment toward your ex.  This is a crucial step in freeing yourself from your past relationships.

The second step is our Change Your Feelings about Your Ex Technique which will help you put your ex decidedly in your past emotionally, so that you can move on and up in your love life in the present moment.

These two steps will help you clear your emotions and will finally allow you to attract the guy you were meant to be with.

Don’t give your ex the satisfaction of having control of your thoughts and feelings any longer.   Now is the time to take back control and put him in your rear view mirror for good.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn


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