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Do you ever find yourself going along with things in dating that you KNOW you don’t really want?

Other times you desperately want to express something important to you but you STUFF it down and hide it.  

Part of you wants to say something.  Most of you is SCARED of the reaction you might get if you do.

What if you say what you truly want or don’t want and he leaves. 

When we think about our wants and desires in dating, we often think to ourselves…..

I don’t want to seem DEMANDING!

I don’t want to be DIFFICULT.

Maybe it’s not that important anyway…. Just go along with it, just this once.

Who am I to stand up for myself.

Most people don’t care about this what gives me the right to.

Often when you think about communicating your wants/desires or setting a boundary with a guy……..

your brain will IMMEDIATELY discount what you want.   You might feel shame or guilt that this is even important to you.

The first step in EFFECTIVELY communicating what want or in setting a boundary is giving yourself PERMISSION to do so.  

If you want to live your best life you MUST be able to effectively…

  1. Communicate what you want to those closes to you.
  2. Set boundaries

Right now give yourself PERMISSION to do both often and effectively.  

It’s actually what’s best for you AND those around you.

Watch HOW to Communicate what you WANT & Set Boundaries.

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