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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

You don’t settle for average and you don’t stagnate.

That means setting goals is a part of your life.

If it isn’t, that is changing right now.

In our year long mentorship program we focus a lot on how to set goals and actually GSD.

Most other people focus on the thinking about or the doing of stuff. We help people get stuff done.

Here is how to set goals and actually achieve them.

1. Simplicity leads to GSD! Know that having an elaborate goal setting system or relying on a complicated app or calendar system will fail and is often an undercover form of procrastination.

The point of setting goals isn’t to have the coolest system to get there. The point of setting goals is to GSD and you want to implement the simplest and easiest way to do that.

2. Set goals in 90 day periods. Don’t set goals for a year from now or 5 years from now. Live your life in 12 week periods. It’s just the right amount of time for you to have to start taking action now but it also gives you just enough time for something to really change.

3. Refrigerator vs. Menu goal setting. Most people set goals using refrigerator thinking. Think about if you were going to cook something for dinner tonight. Most people would go look in the refrigerator and limit themselves to cooking something from whatever is left in the refrigerator. Others use menu thinking. They come up with the menu first for the dinner than go get whatever they need to cook the meal.

We want to set our goals using menu thinking. Don’t set your goals based on the skills or people in your life that you already have. That’s very limiting. Create the menu for the kind of life you want and go out there and get the skills or resources you need to make it happen.

4. Turn being goals into doing or results goals. When you set a 90 day goal take any being goals you create and turn it into a doing or results goals. For example if you’re goal is to “lose weight”, turn it into a results goals = I’ll lose 12 pounds in 90 days. You could also turn it into a doing goal = I’ll play tennis 3 times per week.

5. Identify the 5 most important actions you can take to get you to your goal. If needed find out how other people have achieved this goal with the simplest and most effective actions. Don't complicate this. Keep it simple. Choose actions that map directly to your goal and are a straight line to what you want.

Choose these 5 actions and do them relentlessly and without changing them for 90 days. Don't try a bunch of random things. Don't get seduced by some sexy new way during the 90 days. Pick five actions and do them for 90 days without fail. Be pig headed about this.

6. Identify your biggest obstacles and excuses to taking action on your goals and set up your environment to reduce the probability of them getting in your way.

7. Identify what price you have to pay to GSD and honestly decide if you’re willing to pay it. Maybe you have to socialize less with your friends so you have time to work on your business, maybe you can’t go to your favorite burrito place if you want to lose weight. Whatever the price is identify it and CHOOSE upfront if you’re willing to pay it or not. If not choose a completely different goal.

8. Identify any skills, resources or people who are wanted or needed to help you GSD and go after them directly.

9. Look at your 90 day goals every day and for each goal write down one MOST IMPORTANT TASK you are doing TODAY to get you closer to your goal.

10. Do that one most important task first thing and know that doing anything else is just you avoiding doing something difficult.

11. Use data not drama. Identify each day if yesterday you completed your one most important task. If you didn’t, don’t allow yourself any excuses or even good reasons about why you didn’t. Say “that’s not like me to not keep a promise to myself and today I will do my most important task no matter what”.

12. Do your one most important task no matter what happens today. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. This is your life. Take control and make it great.

13. Know that failure is a part of the process and expect it to happen often. Keep doing your 5 most important actions even in the face of failure. Follow this equation DO-FAIL-GROW-REPEAT.

You can start using this right away by setting your goals for the New Year.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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