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Hey it’s Michael,

I know how hard it is out there.

Dating really hits you hard emotionally.

It takes a big toll on you over time.

Meeting the wrong guys over and over!

Having to put all that time and energy into it only to feel like you’re back at square one.

It sucks.

Sometimes it’s worse when you do find a guy you’re excited about.

He gets your hopes up.

You let your walls down with him, only to have him hurt you in the end. 

I know having this happen for months or years makes you doubt everything.

You doubt yourself.

You doubt men.

You doubt if it will ever happen for you.

I understand and I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this.

We can’t change the past.

We can change what happens today and tomorrow.

If you don’t want to, I get it.

If you don’t believe it can happen, I don’t blame you.

But it can happen.

You are meant for so much more.

You are meant to live a life much bigger than this.

I know this because you’re reading this.

And you’re reading this because you want something more and if you want something more, it’s because you were built for bigger things.

You know you’re not going to ever give up on love.

You also know you are a woman of immense gifts and talents even if you forget that most of the time.

You’re smart.

You’re beautiful.

You’re strong.

You connect with others on deep levels.

You care about people.

You have so many things you bring to the table.

It’s time to take a stand and unleash all that you are.

To open up and live your truth no matter how other people react.

Your authenticity is a gift to the right guy.

The right guy wants to know who you really are.

He wants to breakthrough all the superficial swipes and connections to be with you.

When you’re able to connect with the right guy on this level both of your lives will be different forever.

You want that.

He wants that.

Let’s make it happen.

Let’s have a live chat so we can pinpoint the specific challenges getting in the way of you finding the right guy and Discover the solutions you need to overcome those challenges.

Reach out to me here with he word “more” and we’ll have a live brainstorming chat. http://m.me/DrMichaelDrAshley

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