I’ve tried everything in Dating!

Last week Michael talked to a woman who was ADAMANT she had tried everything in dating.

She wasn’t sure what we could do to help her since she had already tried “everything” to meet the right guy.

She said she had tried ALL of the dating sites/apps.

She tried meeting guys while doing activities or going to events.

She tried speed dating.

She even tried a matchmaker.

And still no results. Nothing to show for all her efforts.

To say she felt demoralized and discouraged would be the understatement of the year.

And we get it. Dating can be extremely frustrating.

In our experience of talking with thousands of people, nobody has done everything they could to have the relationship they want.

Most people have simply tried the same 5-10 things over and over again so it really feels like you’ve tried everything.

You may have tried a lot of things.

You may have tried many of the dating apps or sites.

But there are always different strategies to try and the big key is there are different skill levels of doing something.

Even if you’ve tried every dating app, HOW you use a dating site is what makes the difference.

The skill level with which you use the app and how you present yourself and communicate with people is what produces the results you’re getting.

It’s the same with working out.

You could try all the different workout strategies and all the different exercises and still not get amazing results.

You could be doing the right exercises in the wrong way or in a sub optimal way that doesn’t give you the best results.

When you hire a trainer and she shows you exactly HOW to do the exercises, you suddenly get results.
And you’re doing the same exercises as before, but now you’re doing them at a high skill level and with the right mindset.

The same is true with dating.

When you UP your skill level and you dial in your mindset you will get amazing results using some of the same strategies you’ve been using.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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