Who's Voice is in your Head?

We all have that inner critic that tears us down and rips us apart.

It could be your mother or father's voice in your head. It could be your own voice.

Our inner critic has been programmed by other people to continually chirp in our ear about all of our faults and mistakes.

One of the worst parts about our inner critic is that he/she always takes us away from joy and peace in the present moment.

The inner critic is always critical about things we've done in the past or is worried about what will happen in the future. Nothing steals your joy and peace more than your inner critic.

If we allow the inner critic to keep yelling at us as we live our lives, he/she only gets stronger and louder.

The inner critic is not someone you can just ignore or placate. We have to deal with the inner critical directly.

We believe in you,

Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael Arn

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