Is He Wasting Your Time? Top 10 Signs He's Wasting Your Time


Is he a time and energy sucking vampire wasting your life minute by minute?

Hey it’s Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael,

Sounds like we're exaggerating BUT it's time to value your time MORE.

You don’t have ANY extra time or energy to waste.

Want to uplevel your life FAST?

Eliminate or limit your time with people in your life who aren’t contributing meaningfully to your happiness or goals.

Your love life is no different.

Marie Kondo would have you get rid of anything in your closet that doesn't bring you joy.....

The #1 step to MEET your ideal man is to get rid of and avoid all the men who have no potential to be your best friend and lover.

Let's ditch the TIME WASTERS!

It hurts in the beginning but it feels damn good once the initial shock wears off.

We’ve coached thousands of men and women over decades. We’d have to be complete idiots NOT to see the patterns that all the time wasters have in common.

There are 10 Signs that a man is WASTING YOUR TIME.

Here they are:

1. HOT & COLD GUY. This guy is sometimes pursuing you and other times totally flakey or ghosting.

2. I’M NOT SURE GUY. This guy is never sure if he’s ready for a relationship or if he’s really into a real relationship with you.

3. ACTIONS DON’T MATCH HIS WORDS GUY. This guy talks a good game. He has grand ideas and big promises only the reality of his actions and his life are nothing close to the talk.

4. EXCUSES GUY. This guy always has “good reasons” or excuses why he isn’t able to live a high value life or be in a great relationship with you.

5. VAGUE FUTURE GUY. This guy is coasting in life and has no concrete plans for the future in most areas of his life.

6. NO LABELS GUY. This guy just “wants to be present”. He doesn’t want to label anything. He is happy why change to put some false label on something he says.

7. MY TIMELINE ONLY GUY. This guy only wants to do things at his pace and on his timeline if he has one and won’t consider your timeline or pace at all.

8. SURFACE LEVEL GUY. This guy is fun but knows nothing about your inner world or the deeper parts of your life.

9. NO COMMITMENT TO ANYTHING GUY. This guy has a history of dabbling in everything in life. He hasn’t committed to a job, career, woman or much of anything.

10. CHEMISTRY WITH HIM AT 9 OR 10 GUY. This is guy who may or may not be wasting your time. The problem is you have great chemistry with him, and you might be blinded to him not being right for you. This one is more about you and if you have great chemistry with a guy it’s important to know that you may have a blind spot to him wasting your time.

These are the 10 signs a guy is wasting your time.

You and your time are WORTH MORE than this.

You are a catch. It's time for you to know it and for the guy you're dating to know it.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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