Learn by Doing in Dating & Relationships

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Learn by Doing in Dating & Relationships

Many of us smart, curious and ambitious people get stuck in LEARNING.

Believe it or not, your natural inclination to LEARN more or to GET MORE INFORMATION could be getting in the way of the results you want in your love life.

Being caught in a never-ending cycle of learning through intellectualization leads to overthinking and paralyses by analysis.

Michael is naturally curious and can find himself diving into many books and all sorts of information about a topic but NOT really taking consistent action in any direction. 

It feels like he is getting closer to what we wants by absorbing all this information but he isn’t.

There are rich people problems.

This is a smart person’s problem.

Continuous intellectualization gets in the way of RESULTS and the real learning you could be getting by DOING.

The best kind of learning is done by DOING and getting real world feedback.

Watch today’s show for a deep dive into learning by doing.

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