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Hiccup had no clue where she was……

She stood up barely able to get on her feet and had no clue where she was………

Over the weekend, hiccup came to stay with us in our wine country oasis and it was a fish out of water scenario for everyone.

Hiccup is Ashley’s parent’s dog. They’re out of town and we’re dog sitting for a couple weeks.

She is 17 years old and feeling every bit of it.

Her hips are old and she walks like your great grandma.

She can’t hear.

And she’s mentally a little out of it.

When she got here on Saturday, she was struggling.

Didn’t know where her water bowl was.

Wasn’t sure where to get her food.

Didn’t know what door to go bark at when she needed to get outside and go to the bathroom.


Uncertainty causes all kinds of FEARS, DOUBTS AND INSECURITIES.

You can probably relate in many areas of your life, but especially in your love life.

When you are uncertain about What to do or what’s going to happen in your love life it causes many problems.

You feel uncomfortable. Maybe even anxiety or fear.

You either don’t take action or you take all sorts of random harried actions.

You aren’t your best self to say the least.

With Hiccup, we guided her around the house and slowly showed her where everything she wanted or needed was located.

With our clients we do the same thing.

We guide them through a step-by-step system to FIND an incredible partner so that they can have the relationship they want.

This takes away Fear, Uncertainty, Inaction and a lot of wasted time or energy.

This gives them CONFIDENCE.

It gives them a feeling that they KNOW the path to the relationship they want.

It helps them be their best selves when dating and in other areas of their lives.

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