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Make a Man Obsessed or Crazy for You? No don't do it!


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Make a Man Obsessed or Crazy for You? No don't do it!

Our son is 6 years old and is OBSESSED with two things!

Pokémon and bottle flipping.

Although he’s cute as can be and an amazing kid who we love more than anything….

His obsession with these two things annoys everyone in our house.

Our two adopted dogs Bear and Bailey HATE the bottle flipping and bark constantly when they hear it happening.

We’ve tried to wrap our heads around Pokémon cards but are still clueless why anyone would like them or what they actually are.

When you try to talk about other things he always brings the conversation back to these two topics because he’s obsessed.

Do you want to be with a man who’s obsessed with you and acts like a 6 year old boy?

Someone being obsessed with you is NOT what you want.

Yet there is POPULAR advice out there teaching you how to “make a man obsessed with you”.

This is NOT something to strive for.
Yes, you don’t want the kind of man you want to be indifferent to you, but you also don’t want him obsessed.

There is something much more powerful and healthy that you want a man to feel toward you other than either indifference or obsession.

Watch to find out what you want a man to feel toward you.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

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