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Why You Should Make the First Move


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“Shouldn’t he reach out to me first?”

This is a question that we received from one of our clients.

She said it doesn’t usually work out when she initiates things with a guy. This totally makes sense! We hear this all the time.

It may be true that you have reached out to men in the past that have seemed exciting and heard crickets back.

In fact, this happens to super smart, super attractive, and super talented women every single day. It doesn’t happen because they are unlovable, uninteresting, or unworthy even though in the moment it may feel like it.

It feels terrible to not hear back from someone, whether that’s online or someone you have gone on many dates with. It feels especially terrible when you only reach out to one person every couple of weeks so you are very focused on getting a response from them.

Imagine how tough it is for men also.

Men are expected to reach out constantly to women and get rejected 99% of the time.

When we are stuck in the thinking that the other person should reach out, we waste our time waiting instead of creating connections with men who are real possibilities.

Here’s the real truth!

The more hooks you drop, the quicker you will find your man and the least amount of rejection you will feel.

One of our clients that just got married was waiting for men to reach out to her before she joined our Relationship Accelerator program.

The guys she didn’t want were reaching out and when she went on dates with them, she felt like she was wasting her time.

She started reaching out proactively, no longer felt annoyed by being chased by men she didn’t want, and men she was interested in were super excited that she connected with them!

In fact, her now husband was someone she never would have swiped right on!

Here’s what you want to think about and remind yourself of...“The quickest way to meet the man I want is to have more conversations.”

Thinking this way will empower you to connect with oodles of great men and that’s the first step to meeting the right guy.

Want to know how to drop hooks to the right kind of men so they will pursue you? Let’s chat to find out if we can help.

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