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Laura was dating on and off for YEARS.

She couldn't find a sane, mature, desirable and commitment ready man she was interested in to save her life.

Dating the wrong men over and over again took it’s toll.

She started feeling bad about herself…

“why can’t I f*%king figure this out when most of my friends have?”

She wanted a FAMILY and was feeling immense pressure because she wasn’t 25 anymore.

She wasn’t sure if she would ever have a family.

All of this built up to MAKE IT EVEN HARD TO ATTRACT the right kind of man.

She made the decision… “Enough is enough! I’m going to change this no matter what it takes”.

When she reached out to work with us we could tell she was committed right away.

We dove in and discovered that ATTRACTION was the biggest obstacle to her having the relationship she wanted.

This can be weird for some people to understand, because she was a good looking, successful and attractive woman.

But her FEARS, DOUBTS and INSECURITIES were blocking the kind of man she wanted from feeling attraction with her.

He wasn’t feeling the kind of attraction that would lead him to PURSUE a relationship with her long term.

Once we were able to shift this piece with her using our ATTRACTION formula, she suddenly had high value men pursuing her.

She had to start deciding who to weed out, NOT how do I find a decent guy I like.

She just recently got married to a really great guy.

We got to meet him as the two of them were in San Francisco (near our wine country home of Sonoma) on business and we couldn’t be happier for them.

The Attraction Formula WORKS.

To create Attraction with the kind of man you want visit

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