One Courageous Decision

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She couldn’t wait any longer.  She HAD TO DECIDE right now.

There wasn’t a clear cut best choice.

Either decision had big risks and downsides.

The pit in her stomach felt massive due to the anxiety of the situation.

There was real money on the line.

Last Wednesday Ashley had to make a high stakes decision.

Ashley was in charge of our son Mason's school fundraiser.

She was in charge of the whole event.

This is the only big fundraiser of the year.

The school COUNTS on the money raised from this event to keep them going for the whole next year.

Everything was going great preparing the fundraiser until last Tuesday when PG&E (the electric company) decided to preemptively shut off electricity to a majority of the Bay area (we live in Sonoma, CA) to prevent fires from starting.

They didn’t say how long the power would be off.  Some reports said it could take 5-7 days.

The fundraiser was scheduled for Friday night.

By Wednesday the whole Bay area was in an uproar over the power shutoff and the school fundraising committee was in a panic about what to do with the event.

Ashley was in talks with the venue and they said they could do the event using generators (this seemed very questionable).  The other problem was Ashley had no clue how many of the attendees would show up considering they had no power and couldn’t get ready for the event.

The venue said to cancel the event would cost the school $6,000 because they already ordered the food.

It seemed like a lose lose situation.  Either cancel and reschedule later but lose 6K or keep the event on but potentially have few attendees show up meaning you aren’t going to raise any money.

Most involved wanted to cancel the event and eat the cost.  

Ashley had a big decision to make.

She summoned her courage and decided to go forward with the event not knowing how it would turn out or who would be there.

You have decisions like these to make in your life too.

Some are big decisions like this was.

Some are tiny decisions that you don’t even really know you’re making.

But they matter.  Especially in your love life.

When it comes to your love life, your decisions MATTER.

-who to go out with?

-Should you reach out to a certain guy?

-Should you communicate what you want or don’t want to a guy?

-What are you looking for in a guy?

-How do you find out who he really is?


Most of us are making these decisions from our scarcity and fear based brains.  And those kind of decisions sabotage our success in love.

It’s important you TAKE CONTROL of your brain in your love life and make ONE courageous decision after another just like Ashley did last Wednesday if you truly want to meet the right guy and create the love you want.

Late Thursday night the power came back on and the event was the most successful fundraising event in the history of the school blowing past all fundraising goals.  

It happened because of ONE courageous decision Ashley made.

We can show you exactly how to meet an incredible partner and have the love you want, but it’s your job to make one courageous decision after another.

Only you can do that part.  

If you’re ready to do that we can help you get the love you want before the end of the year. 

Reach out to talk with us by chat so we can find out a little more about you and map out your personalized plan to do it.  Click here to chat with us live:

Rooting for you,

Dr. Michael Arn

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