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Opposite Timelines


“What do I do if I meet a guy that I really like but we have opposite timelines?”

One of you asked us this question.

It’s hard to find someone you are excited about, have chemistry with, and has the same future goals.

Finding someone with one or two of those things may not be so tough, but the trifecta is a real challenge.

Let’s relate this to applying for a job.

If a potential employer told you that they might hire you or they aren’t sure when or if they will be ready to hire you, would you sit around jobless until they made up their mind hoping that it would work out in your favor?

Most of us could never afford to take that chance.

Why would it ever be ok for a guy to not know if he wants to be with you or be able to communicate with you about what he wants in the future?

I am going to be straight with you (as a man) because I don’t want you to waste your time or energy waiting for a guy to make up his mind.

The likelihood of a guy suddenly deciding he is ready for commitment or marriage is about 1% if the relationship is not already progressing towards those things.

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