Achieving Goals - You can have Reasons or Results.

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Discover how to get RESULTS in your life instead of feeling stuck and frustrated by reasons.

Michael is also very weirdly focused on being 5’11” so sorry in advance for our mild, but live, disagreement.

Reasons are like mint…they take over everything in your life.

In case you are curious, yes, that was a dorky gardening reference.

We have a huge garden in our wine country town of Sonoma which included mint.

Until, the mint started taking over and killing all of our other plants with its neediness.

Reasons get in the way of us getting results.

It’s easy to believe these reasons!

Sometimes we may have a hunch that the reason isn’t real, but other times, we 100% believe that we cannot have what we want because of our reasons.

We struggled for a long time to serve as many women as really wanted to.

Our mission is to help as many professional women as possible to find the love they want and deserve.

In the past, we felt stuck with our reasons.

“We are psychologists, we don’t know how to market or get in front of the kind of women we want to help.”

“It’s hard to tell people the truth because we don’t want them to be angry with us or not like us.” (this one is HUGE because we are both people pleasers by nature)

“We aren’t good at making videos and doing the things that are required today to help more people.”

The list could go on and on, but we will save you from the boredom.

We have also heard every reason in the book...

"Maybe I am just meant to be single."

"The kind of man I want doesn't exist where I live (or at all)."

"Things never work out for me in love."

"I have to xxx before I can find love (lost weight, buy a house, get a certain kind of job, etc.)"

"I can't get help with my love life because I can't afford it."

"I need to think about whether or not I can make this a priority."

We learned that we had to believe with 100% certainty that the women that we serve can have the kind of love they want and deserve as long as they are ALL IN.

When we went ALL IN on this belief and supported our clients in going ALL IN, their RESULTS started rolling in like crazy.

This happened simply because they silenced the REASONS.

When an old thought or pattern popped into their head, we coached them to look at it differently and to choose a belief that was going to be far more powerful in serving them in getting to their goal.

When you are committed to results, you can easily identify reasons and banish them from your mind so they don’t cause you to stay stuck.

The moral of the story is cut the mint out of your garden AND the reasons out of your life so you can get results.

Cheers to YOU and RESULTS!

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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