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Set Yourself a SHOT CLOCK on dating sites/apps

Want to save yourself A LOT of time in dating?

Want to stop overthinking & overcomplicating dating?

One of the most help actions you can take in trying to FIND the right guy is to set yourself a shot clock while using the dating sites/apps.

What's a shot clock?

It's a set amount of time that you give yourself to take an action on the site or app.

For example...

  • Go to the site or app and set a countdown timer on your phone for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes for you to get on, doing what you need to do and get off.
  • When searching through profiles or swiping mentally give yourself 10-30 seconds only to decide whether to swipe right or left.
  • When respond to a message or sending the first message set a shot clock of 10-30 seconds to respond and move on.

Setting shot clocks like this forces you to make quick decisions without overthinking and overcomplicating.

You don't want to be giving a man you don't even know yet anymore of your precious time & energy that needed.

After date 1 is when you can start to give the best men more of your time and energy.


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