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Last weekend our son had his 7th birthday.  He says hello by the way :)

He had a great OLD SCHOOL birthday.  

The kind where kids played OUTSIDE with sticks (not always safely), ran through our sprinkler for hours and threw water balloons at each other (Michael has been picking up pieces of water balloons in our yard for days).

The adults had a little bubbly and wine of course.

At the party, we were talking the do’s and don’ts of social media with some of our friends and it got us to reminiscing about a client we once had.

She was an amazing woman.  Smart! Attractive! Successful!

But something WEIRD was happening.

It had been going on for YEARS.

She would go on a lot of first or second dates and guys would disappear after.

This was not your standard ghosting that everyone experiences.

This was at a level we’d never seen before.

The woman swore the dates seemed to be going great.

It was like she would have a great date with a guy and that night he would join the witness protection program never to be seen again.

What gives?

She was dumbfounded and honestly so were we.

In pure desperation, we reached out to a couple of the guys she had went on dates with to find out what had happened.

And the answer stuck out like 2 buck chuck at a winemakers dinner.

It was obvious what the problem was after talking to just a few of these guys.

To find out what was happening watch today's show.

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Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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