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How to Stop Wasting Your Time


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Being successful in life and love requires not wasting time!!!

Wasting time creates negative emotions…frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and sometimes even hopelessness.

It makes us feel like we can’t have and maybe even we don’t deserve, the success, happiness, and love that we crave in our lives.

When we feel this way, our problem becomes BIGGER and harder to solve.

Strategies can’t fix those negative emotions.

There is a way to set yourself up for success so you can have confidence, peace, and be as effective as Oprah (well maybe not quite, but close).

Today, we recorded a short and scrappy video about the main strategies we use to be the most efficient (just to get you excited it may involve a trash man, lead blower, and barking dogs).

We are traveling and noticed that it is tough to stick to our normal routine which leads us to feel calm and be UBER productive.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our main strategies:

1) FOCUS-we are the most productive when we have clarity and simplicity on what we are doing. We get the most done when the things we want to do get put on to our calendar.

2) Being proactive versus reactive…figure out what your power hours are. Give yourself some uninterrupted time to plan your day and figure out what you want to get done so you don’t end up reacting to your day and feeling off kilter.

3) MIT’s-pick 3 major important tasks to complete each day and no more. This will help you to feel more content and to have self trust that you can accomplish the things you want. SECRET the WORST task first.

We talked way more about this in the video and you don’t want to miss our secret reveal about how our clients put these strategies into action each week to find the man they are looking for.

Cheers to MORE love, happiness, and success in your life!

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

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