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Take CONTROL of your day

Hey it's Ashley flying solo today,

Most of us spend our day reacting to others and to our environment.

Taking a few minutes each morning to give yourself some TLC and put your day in YOUR control, not the control of others or the things that are happening around you, is going to have a drastic impact on your mood.

Here’s the reality...making a decision to do this means NOT doing other things.

For me, it means that I have to go to bed a little earlier than I would really like.

When Michael and I met, I was a major night owl.

Given the chance, I would stay up until 2am and sleep until noon.

Not only that, I intentionally slept for 8-10 hours every night or I felt like a zombie.

Michael, is an early bird. At that time, he had a job that required him to wake up at 5am!

Michael is one of those super humans that can go to bed at midnight and still wake up at 5am and pull off a great day.

I wondered how in the world we could ever make this work because it felt like we were on different time zones (plus he was annoying me with his early rising and abounding energy).

YES, going to bed late and sleeping late was fun.

BUT, it was only temporary.

I knew that the future I truly wanted to create wouldn’t involve the option to sleep in until noon (unfortunately).

Slowly, I became more of a normal human, getting up earlier over time.

I also discovered that this meant that I had to do the worst thing, go to bed earlier. Yuck.

I love putzing around at night and also binge watching Netflix.

Turns out, Mason is an even earlier riser than Michael.

The two of them could complete their entire day before noon.

I still don’t enjoy early morning conversations and am secretly hoping that no one will speak to me before coffee.

I have found that my secret to success with them is to actually get up at least a few minutes before them.

I put on my headphones, turn on some music, sort out my thoughts and my plan for the day, and drink a cup of coffee in complete SILENCE.

I intentionally pick energy pumping music (Despacito is on repeat and it may even come with a little dance around the kitchen).

It’s glorious.

I also make sure that I go to bed earlier on the nights that I need to have even more energy the next day.

I am still like a petulant child in the moment with that, but am always grateful the next morning.

I also make sure to give myself a break and not be uber rigid about doing this every night of the week.

It makes me feel like a rebel to go to bed late during the week and there is some fun in that.

I still get up early the next day.

Taking this step allows you to decide how you want your day to go instead of constantly feeling behind the eight ball and chasing down other problems that you have to solve.

It also creates so many great opportunities for you in dating and in a relationship.

If you bring great energy to your day, people will take notice of you and men will be more likely to approach you.

You will also feel more confident.

If you are in a relationship, you will feel more loving toward your partner.

You will also have less challenges and frustrations because you will be in a better place to get ahead of things and make decisions.

How are you starting each day?

What do you do to set yourself up for the day so you can bring ENERGY and your best self to the day?


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