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The Truth about Online Dating


If you have been doing online dating for weeks, months, or years and it hasn’t been working, it’s NOT your fault.

There is a massive amount of confusing information out there!

You might have heard that in order to find the one, you need to…

Change your hair

Lose ten pounds

Wear a red dress

Pretend like you are something you are not

Don’t talk about your career

Don’t talk about wanting marriage

And the list goes on and on…

You’ve probably even started to wonder if you can actually meet the right person online.

The truth is that the online dating platforms rely on you not meeting someone quickly so that they can make more money.

As much as you love your friends, most of them are stuck also and if you happen to find someone using online dating, what would that say about them?

Your family members probably don’t get it.

They will just tell you that “it will just happen when it’s supposed to happen.”

It’s true that online dating is tough.

There are a lot of men who just want casual sex.

It’s true, if you do online dating, you will likely receive a d&*k pic.

You may even go on a date with someone who is ten pounds heavier or 10 years older than they are in their photos.

BUT….What happens if you DON’T use online dating?

It will make it much harder for you to meet the right person.

It will also COST you much more time, energy, and resources.

If you have been stuck in a cycle of being pursued by the men you are interested in and struggling to get the kind of men you want to pursue you, you NEED to use online dating.

BUT-you can’t use online dating like the masses.

As a professional, you are exceptional and you want a relationship that is also exceptional.

The key to being successful in online dating is to STAND OUT ONLINE.

We have to capture the attention of the kind of person we want.

We have to break through all of the distractions that are competing for their attention by showing them how unique you are.

Right now, could someone else just take your name off your profile and put theirs on it?

Tap into what makes you unique and put that in your profile!

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