They showed up and ruined the mood

I’m writing to you from my desk overlooking our backyard. 

My son and I worked out at my dad's house this morning (he has an amazing gym at his house that he’s put together over 60 years). 

On our way home we picked up some fresh flowers to brighten Ashley’s Friday.  She is amazing so she deserves it right?

The other day I took our son Mason for a playdate at our friend's house.  The boys jumped on the trampoline and the dads had a glass of wine on the patio. 

Pretty great setup if you ask me.

The two boys were having a blast for about an hour, until the neighbors showed up to play.  The neighbors are twin boys and they’re always fighting and arguing with each other.  

You could see them joining the trampoline party instantly changed the mood of everyone involved.  All of a sudden nobody was having fun.  

I pulled my son to the side and talked to him about the importance of being able to either set boundaries with the neighbors or change his thinking so he could enjoy the rest of his time playing.

The same sort of thing happens in dating. We help our clients through these exact types of situations in Relationship Accelerator.

Meeting just one wrong guy can send you into a funk for hours, days, or weeks (sometimes months). 

Having one jerk or pervert say something that crosses a line to you can mess with your head big time.

These are crucial moments in dating.

We don’t want these types of guys to STEAL the love you’re going to have with the right man.

Just like my son doesn’t have to allow the neighbors to steal his fun playtime.

After you have a negative experience like any of these, the key is being able to set boundaries effectively and change your thinking to get into better feelings and energy.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Michael Arn,

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