I don’t know what to say to a guy that I’m interested in

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I don’t know what to say to a guy that I’m interested in!

You see him from across the room (or online).

He’s handsome, is clearly a professional and seems single.

You start to walk in his direction.

Now that you’re up and moving, your mind suddenly starts racing.

“He’s probably not actually single.”

“He wouldn’t be interested in me.”

“He’s probably too successful for me.”

“He probably has women chasing after him.”

“What am I actually going to say to him??? I need to get out of here!”

You quickly rush past him, eyes down, and the connection never happens.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions create your future.

The fear of not knowing what to say and everything that led up to that prevented you from connecting with someone who could have been great. 

Over the last few days we have talked about what to think and how to feel about dropping hooks.

Now, how do you actually drop hooks?!

Dropping a hook is starting an interaction with someone new.

If you’re not dropping hooks in person or online, you are likely to be overlooked by men who could be really exciting to you. 

You will also be pursued by the men you don’t really want...you are probably actually talking to these guys because it feels easier which is making them even more attracted to you. 

Here’s the thing….To drop a hook, all you have to do is say something!

You can pretty much say anything with a fun and playful attitude to start an interaction with someone.

Michael likes to have a simple, general question on hand to start up conversations “Hey-how’s your day?”

Ashley likes to make an observational rant about something that’s happening in her environment.

“Peaches are in seasons. Awesome. Are you a big peach fan?”

Sounds way too easy but it totally works. 

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Want to know exactly what to say to the men you want so they will pursue you? Let’s chat to find out if we can help: http://findlovecall.com

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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