Why Men Disappear - Are you Ghosting Yourself?

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Today, we are moving on to the second reason why you may be getting ghosted….buckle up because it’s going to be a wild ride.

The second reason you might be getting ghosted is that you’re ghosting yourself or potentially other people.

Again, this is not your fault.

Ghosting is really just avoidance.

Think about why you might ghost someone else or why a guy might ghost you.

It’s usually because you have to say something hard and you don’t know how to say it---for example “I’m not really interested in you.”

We ghost ourselves when we put the things that are important to us on the back burner because we don’t know how to do them strategically or we don’t know how to handle the tough emotions that come up.

If you haven’t found the love of your life yet, you don’t have a map for how to make it happen yet.

At this moment, finding the love you want feels like an unreasonable goal.

If you are online and you aren’t finding the kind of matches you want, you may not know how to strategically find different matches that are more appealing to you.

If you are online and you feel frustrated by not finding the kind of matches you want, you may not know how to overcome that frustration so you can keep taking action toward finding the right person.

When we don’t know the “how”, we usually just avoid it.

Avoidance is sneaky because we can come up with all sorts of distraction techniques that make it feel like we aren’t actually avoiding the problem…

Here are some examples:

Hanging out with our friends.

Going to the gym.

Calling your parents.

Knitting a new blanket.

Focusing on getting a new job.



There are a million things we can do to keep our brain busy and when we do these things we actually FEEL better.

BUT...the problem is that our results don’t change and we still don’t know “how” to make it happen.

When we choose to feel better in the moment, we get further away from our goal.

The problem also becomes bigger and harder to solve.

If your unreasonable goals is to find the love of your life, are you ghosting on yourself?

You could be ghosting on yourself if you….

-aren’t dating at all.

-are looking to reject people instead of find out if someone could be a real possibility.

-are going on again, off again with dating.

-are holding back on telling a guy what you really want (sharing your winning blueprint).

-are letting doubt or fear keep you stuck.

-aren’t committing to yourself that you will keep taking action until you find the right person no matter how tough it is at time.

-aren’t believing that you deserve it!

Is there anywhere else in your life that ghosting may be a problem professionally or personally?

Are you dodging friends or family?

Are you putting off important work tasks or any other goal you have because you feel like you don’t know how to make it happen?

When you quit ghosting, you will quit getting ghosted.

Here’s the way to do it: Set your unreasonable goal and then just focus on the next action to get there.

You won’t have a clear map and you won’t be able to see exactly how it is going to happen in your life and that’s okay.

That’s exactly what should happen.

You’ve never done this before and you won’t know how to do it.

Just focus on the next step you can take toward your unreasonable goal.

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