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Winning vs. Losing

Why does finding love seem so easy for some people?

How did they find it without even seemingly trying?

When we look at our clients, we can see a stark difference between the people who WIN at finding love while others continue to struggle.

It has nothing to do with HOW they are making it happen.

It has everything to do with WHY it is important to them.

On a superficial level, I love freedom. I don’t want to follow anyone else’s rules. I don’t want to have coworkers. I want to wear sweatpants when I feel like it. I like to drink my own coffee in my own house while I work (the list could go ON AND ON AND ON).

This is just my surface level why for being an entrepreneur and coach.

My real why is that I never want anyone else to feel as lonely as I have felt in my life. When I think about my past, I have always had friends and family who have loved me dearly and I them.

But…I could be in a room full of these people and my heart would still ache.

I don’t ever want anyone else to feel like they have to live life with a heartache.

I don’t ever want anyone else to feel misunderstood or like there isn’t just one person in the world who sees them and gets them on a level no one else did or could.

Michael is the first person who saw me and accepted every single part of me…the good, the bad, the awesome, the ugly.

Everyone deserves a Michael and my mission is to help them find their Michael (not only the actual person, but even more so, the feeling that I have with Michael of being totally seen and accepted).

When you think about it now, what is your deep why for wanting a Michael in your life?

Not the surface level one, the REAL one.

I’d love to hear it in the comments or in a private message.

If you don’t know what it is, give it a big, hard think because this is what will separate you from the people who never find real, lasting love and the people who WIN at love.

Can’t wait to hear your why.

Dr. Ashley Arn

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