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Work Life Balance - There's Always Something Missing


So many women that we work with feel like something is always missing.

Maybe they are successful in their career, but struggle with relationships.

Maybe they are successful with their careers and relationships, but struggle with fitting self-care in also and are tired, burned out, or finding it hard to make time for exercise.

It's really hard to be putting in so much effort, getting results in a couple areas of your life, but still feeling like you are failing.

We get so wrapped up in what we should be doing that we aren't doing and that makes it tough to feel good about our successes.

The things that aren't getting worked one become like a big huge weight on our shoulders.

In order to have it "All" we have to have a personal life and career that are fulfilling.

One of these areas can't suffer or we get stuck in the cycle of feeling like we are failing.

The way we see it is there are always a couple of big wheels spinning in our lives.

We have our relationship, our immediate family unit with our son Mason, our family and friends, and our career.

For a long time, one of these things always suffered because it was at the bottom of our priority list.

We couldn’t manage to keep it all up at once.

When we became successful with our business, our relationship took a lower priority.

It wasn’t that we didn’t love each other or were fighting all the time.

We were just tired because we didn't have any balance.

We had risen up to a new level and simply didn’t have the new skills required to manage all of the important areas of our lives.

We became entrepreneurs and decided to work for ourselves because we wanted freedom but then found ourselves working around the clock to make it happen and missing out on important moments.

So, how did we fix this?

We accepted that there was ALWAYS going to be another big goal that we were working towards.

We started a weekly practice that we now teach to our clients and it is life changing.

Every week, we reflect on the past week and identify our 3 big wins.

Then, we set our 3 main tasks that we are 100% committed to achieving in the next week.

But, that’s not enough.

Most of us set goals and don’t achieve them.

We actually put them on our calendar.

Some of these tasks are hard but they are required to help us grow.

We make sure that we are living every day and doing the most important things so both our business and personal lives can flourish.

You can do it too.

Right now, pick one thing that you have been putting off and set one task for the next week that you are 100% committed to accomplishing. Small steps.

Try it this week.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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