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Your brain does SPOOKY THINGS.

You could have the WORST person in your life and adjust to it. You can overlook terrible things. Make his behavior your new normal.
The opposite is also true.
You focus on and pick apart the minor details of something great and ruin your experience it.
I often do this with food. I could be at the best restaurant with amazing food and my brain will start to look for minor things to complain about.
Yet I’ll be sitting in Chipotle thinking it’s great.
I’ve also done this on vacation. I’m sitting on one of the world’s best beaches and my brain will start to think “oh it’s a little too hot right now”.
This is all about EXPECTATIONS and how you make DECISIONS.
You know where else our brain does this?
In dating!
You meet a great guy and your brain will start to shred him apart about all the tiny things he does wrong.
“Oh he wears t shirts yuck!”
“He chose a Thai restaurant over an Italian restaurant I’m done!”
But you meet a man you have a little chemistry or connection with and you overlook all sorts of HUGE problems (he’s married, he’s a jerk who could care less about you, he’s an alcoholic etc.)
If you want to get the love you want, it’s crucial that you TAKE CONTROL of your brain.
You must purposely and consciously take the steering wheel in what you VALUE when you make decisions about dating.
Because if you don’t, your brain will go off on it’s own like a 5 year old lost at Disney World.
When you let your brain be in charge it can seem like you can’t even meet a guy who has a job, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t cheat, doesn’t do really bad things.
If it feels like this for you it’s your BRAIN running the show.
Most people are too picky about things that don’t matter and not nearly picky enough about what does matter to having a long-term best friends and lovers type relationship.
On Wednesdays FB Live we will go into what to be picky about in dating.
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