Become a Part-Time 7 Figure Coach

Ready to finally make real money as a coach and stop working full-time?

Is it time to be a world class expert coach who helps clients transform their lives?

We’ve found that so many people feel overworked, overstressed and underpaid.

They find themselves stuck in one or more of these positions:

  • They’re fearful of taking the first step into launching their business on their own.
  • They’re worried about not having support.
  • They haven’t started their coaching business yet because life has gotten in the way.
  • They are getting low quality leads who aren’t their ideal clients.
  • They have discovered that enrolling new clients is hard, slow and requires a ton of effort.
  • Their business model doesn’t support the relaxed yet abundant lifestyle they really want.

We help people avoid all of this and help them to become part-time 7 figure coaches by teaching them two skills. 

  1. How to be a world class coach who's an expert at helping client's transform their lives.
  2. How to build a trust-based boutique coaching business that's part-time, fun, and profitable. 

PLUS we guarantee you'll make your full investment back as a coach.  

What Does It Mean To Be A Part-Time 7 Figure Coach?


It means you love what you do, work less, help people more, and make more money.

As a Part-Time 7 Figure Coach you'll get certified in the proven, proprietary Crucial Habits Coaching Method to get your clients results that they've never been able to even imagine on their own. 

You'll work part-time. Forget about the endless hours at the office on top of the commute. 

There's no cap to your earning potential as a coach whether you choose to build your own business or consult for other businesses. 

You can take your Part-time 7 Figure Coach skills and incorporate them into your current career or we'll show you exactly how to build a new career as a coach from the ground up.

Being a coach means you want MORE. You want freedom and flexibility in your life. You have a deeper purpose. You want to empower and inspire others to build a career, life, or relationship that they never believed could be possible with the current tools and resources that they have.

You want freedom to live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. 

You'll learn how to bring your magic to the marketplace so that you can create a lucrative business.

As a coach, you get to decide.


The possibilities are endless. Coaching gives you the ultimate freedom. You get to decide WHO you want to help. How you want to help... And when you want to help! There's no one above you calling the shots!

You can design your own day from start to finish. You don't have to spend hours commuting. You can eat healthy meals, take care of yourself, spend time with your favorite people, and engage in your hobbies.

This is your opportunity to create the impact you've always wanted while also having the lifestyle that will bring you the greatest happiness.


What Makes the Part-time 7 Figure Coach Unique?

1) Tuition Guarantee


Most Coaches seek out endless information and education but have no idea how to run a profitable business. We're so confident that we can help you build a profitable business, that we guarantee that you will earn your tuition back. 

Too many talented coaches never get to help enough people and area always struggling because they weren't taught how to run a business. 

As a Part-time 7 Figure Coach, you'll learn how to become an effective coach, while also building a profitable business... starting from day #1.

*We are the ONLY Cerification program that offers this.






2) Proven Crucial

Habits Method


You will learn the proprietary, proven Crucial Habits Method. This Method is responsible for leading thousands of clients to love, happiness, and success.  It's not a band-aid. It's a life changing tool that leads you as a coach to help your clients identify the root cause of challenges. This isn't a manualized approach where you learn generic coaching tools you can find on the internet. You can't find this anywhere

Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael Arn have have done the hard work FOR you.  They've invested millions in training and education, worked with top mentors, and spent well over 25,000 hours working directly with clients.

Once you complete this Coaching Program, you will be certified with the Crucial Habits exclusive coaching tools and resources. These tools will help you take your coaching skills into the job marketplace whether you're enhancing your skills for your current job, want to build a coaching practice of your own, or want to work for an organization as a coach.

3) Personal Transformation


Since 2011, Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael have been building courses and programs to support their clients in love, happiness, and success. You have access to a full library of trainings and programs that they have used to transform the lives of thousands of others.  These programs can be used as guides in your own personal transformation or as templates for you to build your own future programs.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael will mentor you each week with education, support, and direct training.  Your own personal transformation becomes a valuable asset in your ability to serve your clients in solving their biggest challenges. 






How to be a world class coach who's an expert at helping client's transform their lives


The first step is having an effective coaching model. Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael's extensive education and training in psychology, science, and how the brain works have helped them discover the root cause of pain.

The Crucial Habits Method works with individuals, groups, and companies. The Crucial Habits Coaching Method is not a band-aid and it's not just surface level, run of the mill coaching. The Crucial Habits Method is a simple, step-by-step tool that our coaches use to diagnose and treat virtually any challenge. Helping your clients overcome their biggest challenges comes from teaching them how to identify the root cause of their pain. This is what you'll learn in this certification program.

The second step is making a commitment to yourself that you deserve this. A truly good coach is always working on themselves and doesn't have to have everything figured out. If you're here, you're willing to do the work and you want to transform people's lives. Don't let fear hold you back from all of the potential that is inside you. We are all human. We have our own challenges. We will make mistakes. We will fail. All of this is what makes us a great coach. We don't have to be perfect. We just have to be committed to ourselves and to the process of becoming the best coach we can be.

How to build a trust-based boutique coaching business that's part-time, fun, and profitable.


Not only will you learn how to become a highly skilled coach who transforms client's lives, but we're going to teach you how to build a trust-based boutique coaching business that's part-time, fun, and profitable.

To create a part-time 7 figure coaching business, we’re going to design 5 critical components of your business:

1. Elite Positioning and Offer - We’re going to create an offer that positions
you as THE Elite Coach or service provider that works with the best, most
committed, most high paying clients.

2. The Ad-less Method- We’re going to meet and build trust with your ideal
leads and get them to pursue working with you instead of you chasing
them. This isn’t about a social media tactic. It is about elite communication
with strangers to build trust and get them to see you as the elite service
provider in your area of expertise.

3. Sell by Serving- We’re going to have sales conversations that continue to
build trust and make it easy for elite clients to decide to work with you and
pay you top dollar.

4. The Crucial Habits Coaching Method - We’re going to coach clients in a
way that continues to build trust and gets clients big results in either
leveraged group coaching or in one-on-one coaching. You can choose the
model that best fits your lifestyle.

5. Business Management - Each week we take a short amount of time to
check in and make sure we’re moving forward on the most critical factors
in your business.


We're so confident that we can help you build a profitable business, that we guarantee that you will earn your tuition back. 


Secure Your Future Now


The 5 Core Components of Coach Certification



There are a lot of talented coaches out there who don't have any clients.
They were never taught how to Sell by Serving.
If you are given the right Sales Skills, you secure your future.
Learning how to sell means that you'll always have a way to make money.
Marketing, Sales, and Service are the 3 critical components of becoming a Part-Time 7 Figure Coach and you'll start learning them immediately.




Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael are your Coach Mentors in Part-time 7 Figure Coach. Together, they have built several, 7 figure businesses while working part-time. They have been fortunate to help thousands of growth oriented, ambitious people create more love, happiness, and success in their lives. They've been married to each other for 15+ years and have created the exact relationship they want. They have an incredible son and two rambunctious rescue dogs, Bear & Bailey. Being a coach has allowed them the freedom to work when they want, with who they want, from where they want.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael are passionate about inspiring future generations of coaches to transform the lives of others while also living their best life. They have developed 5 core components of the Part-Time 7 Figure Coach program. Explore each of the components below.

We Help our Students EARN & KEEP their Part-time 7 Figure Coach Status.

This isn't about just being a coach for a day, burning out, and quitting. This isn't about being a coach as a hobby. 

Over the last 16+ years of being in this industry, Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael have seen way too many people just wake up and decide to be a coach without any training or skills. This is NOT fair to clients and can actually do far more harm than good. Being the person that someone chooses to trust with their innermost thoughts and vulnerabilities is an honor and a privilege.

We only certify coaches who choose to pay attention to the tools they are learning, practice them, and value feedback and coaching along the way. Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael will be with you on every step of this journey giving you coaching and feedback on what you're learning. At the end of the certification there is an examination that you will be prepared for and will be easy to pass if you're showing up and doing the work.



The Coaching Industry is different from other industries in that it does not have any regulation or governing accreditation. There are a few private institutions that offer coaching certification programs. We empower you to review these options. It's powerful to have the end goal in mind. Coaching is action oriented and solutions focused. Education is important and it certainly is not enough to help you become your most authentic and effective self as a coach.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael have developed a proprietary and highly effective coaching method through a combined 30+ years of experience, coaching 10,000+ clients, spending 14 combined years earning doctoral degrees in psychology, hiring additional coaches and mentors in other industries to fill their knowledge gaps, and have built several, multi-seven figure businesses. For this reason, Crucial Habits will not apply for Certification through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or any other organization as our coaching methods are unlike any other methods out there.

The ICF is focused on taking action, the coaching relationship, and holding clients accountable. You will learn ALL of this in the Crucial Habits Coaching Certification, plus you will learn to get to the root of a client's pain and challenges. As a Crucial Habits Coach, your clients will be eager to hire you because you know how to give them much more than just a band-aid. Whether you choose to help individuals, couples, groups, or businesses, you're going to coach your clients to understand the why behind what they do, the patterns that are holding them back, and how to break free from these patterns for a lifetime (not just for a few moments).

You will impact the lives of many and that impact will last. Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael's deep understanding of psychology offers you the true skills you need to make an impact and be an effective change agent for your clients. Your clients will choose to hire you because you understand their specific problem with a depth like no other and you can offer them the exact solution to that challenge. It's also important to note that the many coaches do not have any training at all and truly aren't qualified to be coaching.


Just A Few Of Our Coach Successes


Right now, you have an opportunity to create a new path for yourself. Right in front of you is the path to transforming people's lives and creating a career that will give you flexibility and financial freedom.

What if you just said "yes" and then let us show you how? You don't have to have the answers. We have them all ready for you. All you have to do is commit to yourself that you're ready to take this leap toward creating a life that brings you joy, purpose, and financial freedom.

Are you ready to become a Part-time 7 Figure Coach?


We guarantee that you will earn the value of your tuition in this program.


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