Step #1. Meet Ann - She struggled for years to FIND the right guy!


She spent years online dating and ended up mainly with first dates that were terrible or never led to a second date.

She wasn’t FINDING the right caliber of men.

She had a super high powered job and simply didn't have time to waste anymore.

Before working with us, Ann was dating A LOT.

She was going out on lots of dates.

Trying to meet guys on all the dating sites.

She told us she wasn't meeting any guys who were anything close to her caliber.

She wasn't meeting men she had chemistry with.

These men were not compatible with her.

She was working hard on herself.

Reading books.

Absorbing dating advice from many sources.

She even worked with a coach and matchmaker for a bit.

None of it worked.

When she started using our RELATIONSHIP MAP her results transformed immediately.

First, we identified the best apps/sites for her to use in her location and with the type of man she was looking for.  

We had her completely change her pictures and what she wrote about herself in her profile.

She started using our 3-2-1 Meet Messaging strategy to seamlessly go from online messaging to a first date with a great guy. 

Within a week, she was finding, interacting with, and going out on dates with HIGH CALIBER men who were compatible with her and who she had chemistry with.

She went out on dates with a number of great guys.

After just a couple of weeks, she had narrowed it down to two amazing guys.  

She had a new problem...

She had to choose between these two great guys.

We walked her though how to discover who was the best match for her between the two guys she was dating.

Now she is married to Phil and she has never felt better about herself and her love life.

She met Phil in 5 weeks of using the Relationship Map!

Step #1. FIND - Are you stuck in FINDING him?

The first step to getting the love you want with an incredible partner is to FIND the kind of man you're looking for.

If you don't get this first step right, nothing else matters.

It's like you're an amazing business with NO QUALIFIED LEADS coming in the front door.

How great you are DOESN'T MATTER if you have NO qualified leads.

Do you feel like you never come across men you're excited about AND who are pursuing a relationship with you?

If so, FINDING the right guy is the primary obstacle on your relationship map.  

If you aren’t meeting the right men, you will go on and off again with dating and you feel constantly burned out. As part of the top 1-5%, you need unique strategies to find men that are on your level, attractive, compatible, professional, and ready for a commitment.

If you were getting out on dates right now with men who fall into those categories, what would that do for your CONFIDENCE and RESULTS (or hope, momentum, etc?)?

There are TWO methods for FINDING your man.

1. Online

If you are NOT FINDING the kind of man you want online it's because your Online Strategy isn't working.  It's not because the apps/sites don't work.  You simply need a better strategy.  

  • Are you uncertain what apps/sites are best to use in your city, age range, and to FIND the type of man you're looking for?
  • Do you NOT have the most effective and authentic photos?  After looking at thousands of photos, we can say that most people are not putting up the right photos to attract the partner they want.  
  • Are you unsure whether the written portion of your profile is impactful, unique, and shows your personality in a vibrant and different way?
  • Do you have anything you've written that is unknowingly pushing away the right men (most women do)?
  • Do you not have a messaging strategy for the online apps/sites?
  • When you see a guy you think could be a great fit and message him, does he not respond? 
  • Do you worry that you don't know what kind of messages to send to have it lead to an actual first date with a great guy? 
  • Are you having to do all the heavy lifting in the communication before the first date?
  • Are your messages fizzling out or going nowhere?
  • Are you tired and bored of having endless, pointless conversations?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it's crucial for you to get a more effective online strategy.

These are the most important factors in your success online.  You can take control of them and start getting results right away.  Online Dating WORKS if you use an effective strategy.

2. Offline or In Person.

We recommend you have both an online and offline strategy to FIND your man.  

Successfully finding a great guy Offline is all about WHERE you go and HOW you show up.

  • Are you uncertain WHERE to find the kind of man you're looking for offline where you live?
  • Are you worried you don't know what places to go offline to FIND the kind of man you're looking for so you're not wasting your precious time talking to the wrong men?
  • Do you not know HOW to show up and what to do when you go somewhere offline so that the best men connect with you?
  • Do you NOT connect with strangers when you're out?  Are men not talking to you or asking you out offline?
  • Are you possibly giving the wrong signals when you're offline?  Do men not know your open to connecting with them?  
  • Do you NOT know what to say to get the right guy to ASK for your number and ASK you out on a first date?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's crucial for you to get a more effective offline strategy to FIND the man you want.

You don't want to lower your standards in dating, instead you need a PROVEN system for FINDING the kind of man you want both online and offline WITHOUT wasting your time endlessly talking to men you’re not interested in. 

We can help you use an effective strategy to FIND the right guy for you.

FINDING the man you want is only STEP 1 Of 4 of the Relationship Map.

It's only your starting point.

On the next page we'll talk to you about Step #2 of the Relationship Map.

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