Hello. We're Dr. Ashley Arn & Dr. Michael Arn

We are here to help people do work that inspires them while having enough time, energy and money to enjoy their passions and to have fulfilling relationships with people they care about.

We imagine a world in which people spend most of their days with people they care about and enjoying their passions, while spending small amounts of time doing inspiring work they love.

We've mentored thousands of people to get more Love, Happiness, & Success in their lives.

Over the last 16 plus years of working with people, we've created results-based, science-driven strategies, programs, & tools that help people excel in the important areas of life.



We met and got married in 2008. 

We earned our doctorates in Psychology and opened a thriving therapy private practice in southern California.

We specialized in helping couples overcome relationship problems and create lasting love.

In 2012, our son Mason was born.  He's pretty awesome.

We were recruited by eHarmony to help people find love online and we moved the family to Los Angeles, California.

After working for a few years in the corporate world, we knew our true calling was to work for ourselves as coaches.

We created a coaching business helping people create more love, happiness and success in their lives.



We spend endless amounts of time as a family.

We never miss our son's soccer, basketball or baseball games.

Ashley coached Mason's soccer team recently.

We play hours of monopoly and gin rummy together.

Mason and Michael enjoy a lot of free time to play golf and ping pong together.

We like to take daily leisurely walks around our small little town.

We spend a lot of our time cooking for and entertaining friends.

We've recently started making our own sourdough bread.

We still have a passion to help people create more love, happiness, and success in their lives and we work with some of the most amazing people.