Do You Want to Become a Highly Skilled Coach?

We select only 8 people at a time to personally help them become highly skilled coaches.  

To ensure results, we work with each person in a personal and highly engaged manner, so we select only a small number of people to work with each year.  We are currently at capacity and are closed to new people.

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What Makes the Crucial Habits Coach Unique?

We live in a world where Coaching is now seen as an asset. Every day, people are seeking out coaches to help them overcome obstacles that are holding them back from living a life that they truly love. 

The Coaching industry is different from other industries in that it does not have any regulation or governing accreditation. There are a few private institutions that offer coaching certification programs. It's important to note that many coaches do not have any training at all and truly aren't qualified to be coaching.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn are the Mentor Coaches for the Crucial Habits Coach Certification Program. The Dr.'s Arn have developed a proprietary and highly effective coaching method through a combined 30+ years of experience, coaching 10,000+ clients, spending 14 combined years earning doctoral degrees in psychology, hiring additional coaches and mentors in other industries to fill their knowledge gaps.

The Crucial Habits Coach methods are unlike any other methods out there.

Certified Crucial Habits Coaches give their clients much more than just a band-aid. They coach their clients to understand the why behind what they do, the patterns that are holding them back, and how to break free from these patterns for a lifetime (not just for a few moments).

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael's deep understanding of psychology offers their coaches the true skills needed to make an impact and be an effective change agent for their clients. 

You can rest easy when you work with a Certified Crucial Habits Coach (CCHC).

Your CCHC has gone through a more rigorous training process than any other coach.

What Does it Take to Become a Certified Crucial Habits Coach? 


You Can Count on Your Certified Crucial Habits Coach to Put You First

Certified Crucial Habits Coaches are required to find balance in their work and personal lives so that the time you spend with them is focused solely on you. 


Each CCH Coach is certified in the proven, proprietary Crucial Habits Coaching Method that you can rely on to get results that you've never been able to get on your own.

The Crucial Habits Method works with individuals, groups, and companies. The Crucial Habits Coaching Method is not a band-aid and it's not just surface level, run of the mill coaching. The Crucial Habits Method is a simple, step-by-step tool that our coaches use to diagnose and treat virtually any challenge. Helping your clients overcome their biggest challenges comes from teaching them how to identify the root cause of their pain. This is what you'll learn in this certification program.

We Help our Students EARN & KEEP their Crucial Habits Coach Status.

This isn't about just being a coach for a day, burning out, and quitting. This isn't about being a coach as a hobby. 

Over the last 16+ years of being in this industry, Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael have seen way too many people just wake up and decide to be a coach without any training or skills. This is NOT fair to clients and can actually do far more harm than good. Being the person that someone chooses to trust with their innermost thoughts and vulnerabilities is an honor and a privilege.

We only certify coaches who choose to pay attention to the tools they are learning, practice them, and value feedback and coaching along the way. Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael are on every step of this journey to give Certified Crucial Habits Coaches support, supervision, and feedback on what they are learning. 

Ashley Arn Psy.D. & Michael Arn Psy.D. have spent the last 16+ years building businesses and helping people TRANSFORM their lives.

They've developed results-based, science-driven strategies, programs, & tools that have been used by 10,000 plus people. 


Here's how the Crucial Habits Method was created...


Michael and Ashley fell in love their first year of graduate school.

Michael had just moved from Wisconsin to California to get started on his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Ashley and Michael had instant, easy chemistry and quickly became good friends. That friendship turned into deep love and led to them getting married in 2008 on the beach in Dana Point, CA surrounded by all their friends and family.

That very same year they jumped into entrepreneurship together and also started their business coaching people on creating crucial habits. Whew! What a busy season of their lives!

Over the next few years, they worked hard to complete their Master’s and Doctoral degrees with an emphasis in Couple and Family Therapy.

They each received over 4,500 hours of clinical supervision doing therapy with individuals, couples and families. For many of these supervised hours, they video recorded their client sessions and received extensive supervision on each session.

In 2011, they co-founded the California Therapy Institute where they worked with clients and provided clinical supervision to trainees and interns.

In this private practice, they started out primarily doing couples therapy but quickly became disillusioned with how many couples were incompatible.

Through exploring what made their own relationship work so well, seeking out mentors, endless training, and doing their own inner work, Ashley and Michael had quickly become experts in dating, relationships, and how to choose and keep a compatible partner.

In 2012, their son Mason was born and their adventure as new parents began!

In 2014, they went to consult for eHarmony in Los Angeles, CA as psychologists and matchmakers.

In 2016, they chose to leave everything corporate and the hustle and bustle of the city behind. They took their awesome son and two rescue dogs to the wine country of Sonoma, CA. It took them a while to adjust to small town living but the slow pace of wine country grew on them.

They continued to work with clients, growing their online coaching practice to well over a million dollars and impacting the lives of 10,000 plus people.

After living in Sonoma for 5 years, they were ready for their next adventure. They decided to leave California behind for a year and move back to the small town in Wisconsin where Michael was raised. They quickly fell in love with life in this magical little town.

After coaching clients directly for so many years, at the beginning of 2021 the dynamic duo launched their Coach Certification Program and Trusted Leader Organization.

One of the most unique parts of working with Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael is that they each have very different assets that they bring to the coaching world.

Ashley loves everything about relationships and always has. She’s just an extroverted, people person and always has been. She developed the Crucial Habits Sell by Serving system where she helps coaches, consultants, medical professionals, and therapists serve their ideal clients at the highest level. She’s also passionate about teaching and leading new coaches to get their clients the best results through the Crucial Habits Trust-Based Method.

Michael is introverted and prefers to be behind the scenes mentoring others to be the best versions of themselves. He has always been obsessed with psychology, relationship dynamics and peak performance. He loves masterminding with coaches, consultants, medical professionals and therapists. He helps these professionals design simple, fun and profitable one person, part-time businesses that serve ideal clients at the highest levels.

After 16 years in business together and many more as a couple, Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael still manage to work together from home every single day...usually with a small, white fluffy dog snoring in their laps and the sound of their son dribbling a basketball not too far off in the background.


Right now, you have an opportunity to finally get the help and support from a qualified Coach who has the ability to help you create a new path for yourself. 

What if you just said "yes" and then let your Certified Crucial Habits Coach guide you to the life you've always wanted? You don't have to have the answers. We are here for you. them all ready for you. 

Do You Want to Become a Highly Skilled Coach?

We select only 8 people at a time to personally help them become highly skilled coaches.  

To ensure results, we work with each person in a personal and highly engaged manner, so we select only a small number of people to work with each year.  We are currently at capacity and are closed to new people.

Enter your information below to join the Waitlist and to See if You Qualify for the Next Open Spot.