The Map to Making 7 Figures Working Only Part-time as a Coach


82% of coaching businesses fail in the first two years.

.02% of coaches earn 6+ figures over the course of their career if they can manage to keep their business going.

Most coaches are working at least FULL-TIME, more like 60-80 hours a week spinning their wheels, and not even paying their bills.

Most coaches will go out of business within two years.

This can make it hard to believe that a coach can earn 7 figures, especially only working part-time.

That's why we put together this map that shows you the path we’ve taken to 7 figures.

You'll spend only 10 minutes learning this path to 7 figures instead of becoming one of the 82% that waste two years on their coaching business only to have it fail.


Why do most coaching businesses fail or fail to earn 6 and 7 figures?


Most coaching businesses fail because of these mistakes:

  1. They only have a front-end product that serves a client for a short period of time, if at all.
  2. They rely on 1:1 clients to pay their bills but don’t have enough time to serve all the clients they would need to make enough money to support the lifestyle they want.
  3. They create too much overhead in their business.
  4. They focus on getting to 7 Figures right away instead of taking it step by step and doubling their income every step of the way while using a strategic process to get to the next level.
  5. They are too focused on earning money instead of building relationships with their prospects and clients.
  6. The business owner/coach gets frustrated or stuck and gets immobilized. They’re usually in a position where they’ve made poor financial decisions and are too broke to hire a coach to help them but are too stuck to figure it out on their own.
  7. They try to follow too many strategies at one time instead of having one simple method that they repeat consistently.

You don’t have to be a part of the majority of coaches who struggle in their coaching business or who fail.

By understanding the simple MATH of a part-time 7 figure coaching business and by following a few, yet crucial, principles you too can become part of a small group of coaches who love what they do, make more money and work less.

The Simple Math to a Part-Time 7 Figure Business


Today, we are going to use simple math to PROVE to you that it’s possible to earn 7 figures working part-time.

Not only is it possible, it’s probable, when you understand the math and some simple, yet crucial, principles.

Here's why earning 7 Figures is a critical milestone...

Earning 7 Figures certainly doesn't happen overnight and is something you build over time by SERVING.

The feeling of earning 7 figures as a business owner is indescribable. There's a sense of deep pride and confidence that comes with knowing you have worked this hard and built something not only for yourself and your family, but also for the people you're serving.

You also know that if you can hit that milestone once, you now know how to run a business and earn money so you are securing your future…not only for yourself, your family/friends, but also for your clients who want to keep being served by you.

Did you know you can earn 6 figures in a year as a coach by getting just 1.6 new clients per month?

That’s less than two new clients per month to make $100,000 in a year.

Here’s how the math breaks down…

You charge $5,000 to work with a new client. To determine who is the right client and how to serve them with integrity and authenticity in a way that is worth this investment, reach out to us. 

At $5,000 a client, you only need 20 clients per year to get to $100,000.

That’s an average of just 1.6 new clients per month.

If you are strategic, most people can get this single client from their existing social media or LinkedIn connections.

If you just did this you’d earn 6 figures a year working part-time.

But we won’t stop here.

The next step is where things get really good because if you can earn $100,000, you can certainly get to $1,000,000.

We build trusting relationships with our clients.

We create so much TRUST and good outcomes with our clients that they want to keep working with us year after year.

This means that we will create opportunities to continue to serve the clients who are the right fit. 

Once you get clients working with you year after year the math gets really simple and good.

If you take those 20 new clients a year and serve them at the highest level, you will create an opportunity for them to continue to work with you long-term.

If you focus on building a relationship with your clients and serving them at the highest level, the majority of them are going to want to continue to work with you.

If you keep working with just 15 of the 20 clients you’ve gotten, you’ll make them an offer to keep working together for just $1,667 per month which is $20,000 a year per client, adding another $300,000 to your revenue for the year.

So, with just 20 clients, you’ve now earned $400,000.

Then, you go and do it again next year.

Now you’re working with 40 clients total, serving them in a group format with a few one on one touches throughout the year.

Suddenly, you’re earning $800,000 in this second year.

And the formula continues.

By year 3 you’re making over $1,000,000 per year.

If you want to get to this money goal faster, you simply get a few more clients on the front end.

As if you needed anymore reason to believe that you can be a Part-time 7 Figure Coach…

...there’s one more huge thing we haven’t talked about yet.

As a coach, you have an opportunity to retain more of the money you make than any other entrepreneur.

One of the best parts about owning a coaching business and operating it in the right way is that you can run it lean.

Coaching doesn’t require overhead.

You’re running your coaching business without… 

None of these expenses are necessary to run a profitable, successful, fulfilling coaching business.

As a Part-time 7 Figure Coach, you’ll keep more of the money you make while working less and helping more people.

As you can see, making 7 figures working part-time as a coach is more than doable when you understand the simple math behind it all.

This is just one example of a path to 7 Figures.

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