Avoid these Clients


You ever work with a client who always has a yeah but... for everything you say?

No matter what you say, they'll answer back with yeah, but I've tried this before and it didn't work or this can help other people but not someone like me or It's winter and I have a holiday party coming up so I can't do it now.

These kind of clients find a hundred and one reasons why something won't work for them.

No matter what you say they're looking to poke holes in solutions you provide.

These kind of clients are committed to struggling and losing.

You could give them the winning formula and they would dismiss it as not applicable to them.

In my business, I want to impact people's lives.

I want to help people make big changes that alter their lives for the better.

To be able to truly impact the right people I need to refuse to work with people who are committed to struggling and losing because these types of clients will take up all of your time and they will drain your energy.

Eventually, you'll start to resent the work you're doing.

This is why it's so important to say no to these types of clients.

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