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Surround Yourself with the Right People for the Fastest & Simplest Change


Surround Yourself with the Right People for the Fastest & Simplest Change

I'm introverted, so my natural inclination is to do things solo...

...or it's to work on myself in isolation till I have an answer or a way forward.

The problem is this is one of the least useful strategies to get results.

Do you know that Weight Watchers is one of the most effective behavioral change programs that's ever existed?

The reason why Weight Watchers is so effective is the interesting part.

It's not because of the points system or the diet.

They found that what makes Weight Watchers so effective is the community of people who surround you and who are all working on the same goals as you.

They have weekly measurements without judgement. The other people support and cheerlead you.

The community of people hold you accountable.

You learn either by direct teaching or by indirect osmosis what others are doing that works.

You also learn what doesn't work.

This is the exact kind of environment we want to put ourselves in anytime we want different or better results in our lives.

It doesn't work to go solo working on your own stuff in isolation.

It seems like a good strategy and a lot of people recommend it..

..but most of the time surrounding yourself with people who are working on the same types of things as you, who are positive, realistic and who will both cheerlead you and hold you accountable is the BEST way to make a change.

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