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High Impact - Principle #2 of a Trusted Leader


High Impact - Principle #2 of a Trusted Leader

A Trusted Leader focuses on having high impact. We help clients transform their lives in less time and with less effort.

In the old paradigm of work, value was created through blood, sweat, tears, long hours and lots of effort. You got paid by doing hard work and working long hours.

This was true for previous generations and it's true for the masses right now.

This is not true for Trusted Leaders.

Our value to others, is in our high impact, not by how many hours per month we're working.

In fact, it's better for our clients and better for us NOT to waste time and energy in unnecessary conversations or doing unnecessary work.

Clients have more time and energy to enjoy living their lives when we have high impact in a short amount of time in solving their problems.

As a Trusted Leader, we don't do anything that doesn't have a high impact and everything we do is filtered through this lens from marketing, to sales, to our work with clients.

High impact is how we can work part-time yet still transform client's lives and make the impact and money we want.

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Dr. Ashley Arn & Dr. Michael Arn


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We'll teach you how to be a trusted leader over the internet for free

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