What's your Competitive Advantage?


As a service provider, coach, therapist, consultant, or salesperson, what is your competitive advantage?

Most people think that it's their product, their service, what they do.

But to be honest, most people's services, most people products, most people's products aren't that much different.

If you look at most lawyers, most plumbers, most salespeople, most coaches, most therapists, there isn't a huge difference in the service they're providing.

Yes, some are better than others. Yes, some of us can help people better and can serve people better.

But that's really not a huge competitive advantage when it comes to marketing and sales of your business.

The number one competitive advantage you have is trust.

The only thing you really have is trust.

Can you build trust with prospects, with clients? And once they trust you, once they believe you're the person to solve their problems, to give them the right solutions, to be there for them, it's going to be very difficult for them to work with anyone else but you.

So trust is your main competitive advantage.

So we really want to focus on the skill of being able to build trust both with our prospects and potential clients and with our clients.

Dr. Ashley Arn & Dr. Michael Arn are trusted advisors to leaders and entrepreneurs.

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