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Booty Calls

Men want sex. It’s true.

You meet a guy online. 

He seems good looking, has a good job, and his profile says that he wants a relationship. 

The two of you start to chat.

You have so...

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Dating really hits hard emotionally.

No matter how successful we are in other areas of our lives, dating feels like an enigma.

It takes a big toll over time.

Meeting the wrong guys over and over!


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I spent years suffering, in pain, scared out of my mind and getting no answers. 

I felt so hopeless, misunderstood, and scared.

After several years, more medical tests than I can count,...

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Men are intimidated by you. 

You should not tell men what you really do so they don’t get freaked out.

Just tell them you have a low level job.

Whatever you do, don’t mention that...

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No Excitement

Are there actually any high caliber men online?

Not excited about MOST of the guys you are talking to or meeting?

Swipe LEFT.

Repeat by 100 times.



One good match.

Swipe RIGHT.


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Find yourself replaying things that have already happened in your mind and wondering if it could have turned out differently or why it didn't end the way you wanted?

Our brain is an unintentional...

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What Men Want


What Men Want!

Take this short quiz to find out what's stopping you from finding lasting love and we will help you map out the next steps.

To have great love in...

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ONE CONVERSATION is all it takes

You're ONE CONVERSATION Away from having the Relationship You Want
Take this quiz to find out what's getting in the way:

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael...

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You're Wired to be ATTRACTED to the WRONG type of man.

You're Wired to be ATTRACTED to the WRONG type of man.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn help you create...

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Are the Men You're Dating Getting to Know the REAL YOU?


Many of us are like Icebergs in dating. People are only seeing the tip of who we are. There's so much more underneath the surface to who we are that men aren't getting to know.

Video: ...

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