I am terrified right now. 

I just saw a message that is being widespread to women and it is 100% DISempowering and WRONG.

The message is that a man won't commit until he is...

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Sunday NON-Fun Day

It's Sunday. Again.

Monday through Saturday didn’t seem so bad.

Sunday though. Sunday sucks.

Everyone’s busy on Sunday.

They’re coupled up.

Sundays are made for couples and...

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We did it

We realized today that we have accomplished an INSANE feat over the last decade.

We did it. 

We’ve been in a happy, loving relationship for over 13 years now (11 years married).


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Some people really piss me off.

We took our son to Disneyland the other day.

I know, I know. Who willing signs up for torture?!

I actually saw a guy with a t-shirt on that said “Forced Family...

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Had enough of dating?!

Had enough of dating?!

Done with DRAMA, heartache, ghosting, and wasted time?

Feel like you know what the problems are, but you just don't know HOW to fix them?

Being intelligent means...

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Therapy may not be enough

We hop on calls with women a couple times a week who tell us that they have been going to therapy for years and can’t figure out how to change the results they are getting in their love life....

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Why do men ghost? 

Realistically, everyone ghosts at some point in time or another.

You may be thinking----"Me?! I have never ghosted anyone in my life!"

When you really think about it, who...

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Booty Calls

Men want sex. It’s true.

You meet a guy online. 

He seems good looking, has a good job, and his profile says that he wants a relationship. 

The two of you start to chat.

You have so...

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Dating really hits hard emotionally.

No matter how successful we are in other areas of our lives, dating feels like an enigma.

It takes a big toll over time.

Meeting the wrong guys over and over!


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I spent years suffering, in pain, scared out of my mind and getting no answers. 

I felt so hopeless, misunderstood, and scared.

After several years, more medical tests than I can count,...

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