How do you really know what your limits are?

How do you really know what you’re capable of?

Think back to a goal that you set in the past but didn’t reach.

What were your intentions...

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The Real Problem

Are you selling yourself short on what you really deserve?

If you are a professional woman who is educated, intelligent, and ambitious, 99% of the men you meet will not be the right fit.


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How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

You don’t settle for average and you don’t stagnate.

That means setting goals is a part of your life.

If it isn’t, that is changing right now.

In our year long mentorship program...

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Get Uncomfortable

Being comfortable is not the way to have the relationship you want.

Comfort is one of the BIGGEST and most powerful forces that hold people back from an extraordinary relationship.

It's ALWAYS...

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Stop Catfishing Immediately

If someone is happy to catfish you, be happy to leave the date in the first 5 minutes.

If they look nothing like their photos or are way off in some other way stand up and say "you didn't represent...

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Is He Putting You Last?

If you put a man BEFORE you, you've taught him to put you LAST.

Never Again!

As an adult, you teach those around you how to treat you.

If people aren't stepping up and treating you the way you want...

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Do great single men exist anymore?

Do great single men exist anymore?

Are there any good men left or are they all already taken?

Let’s dive into this and give you Immense value along the way.

We talk to the best women in the...

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If you’re doing this online, you’re wasting your time

You’re busy.

You have a great career.

You have friends and family to spend time with.

You have a lot of interests and awesome things to do.

Everything in your life is stable and fulfilling......

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Diamonds are formed under PRESSURE and STRESS

Most people avoid stress and avoid pressure.

They avoid putting themselves in situations where they are completely out of their element.

They say “I’m not ready for that.”


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Get Upset or Get Comfortable

Sometimes you want to be comfortable with where you're at and other times you want to get upset with where you're at.

Whether you're comfortable with something or upset about it, it's totally...

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