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If you’re doing this online, you’re wasting your time

You’re busy.

You have a great career.

You have friends and family to spend time with.

You have a lot of interests and awesome things to do.

Everything in your life is stable and fulfilling......

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Diamonds are formed under PRESSURE and STRESS

Most people avoid stress and avoid pressure.

They avoid putting themselves in situations where they are completely out of their element.

They say “I’m not ready for that.”


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Get Upset or Get Comfortable

Sometimes you want to be comfortable with where you're at and other times you want to get upset with where you're at.

Whether you're comfortable with something or upset about it, it's totally...

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Step by step plan to stay single

Today you’re going to learn HOW to stay single.

Knowing how to achieve the opposite of your goal is just as important as knowing how to get what you want.

Many times what you choose NOT to do...

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Why your feelings don’t matter

How often do you FEEL like giving up looking for the right guy?

Yes, you want to be in a great relationship but is the process to get there really worth it?

The process is EXHAUSTING.


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Finding Your Man is Easier Than You Think

Implement this one strategy to dramatically change WHO'S pursuing you.

Hi it's Ashley and Michael,

If you're a busy woman with little time to waste, you're in for a treat today.

We get it. We're...

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James is looking for.......

James is a Vice President at an Ecommerce Company.

He went to college and has worked his way up the corporate ladder.

He’s never been married and doesn’t have any kids.


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Did he come on strong and then disappear?

You RARELY meet a guy that you are really interested in.

Most of the time, you are on again, off again with dating,

When you are in the “on” phase, you put in good effort and go through...

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Take CONTROL of your day

Hey it's Ashley flying solo today,

Most of us spend our day reacting to others and to our environment.

Taking a few minutes each morning to give yourself some TLC and put your day in YOUR control,...

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Is indecision keeping you single?

One of the biggest things that will prevent the kind of man you want from pursuing a committed relationship with you is indecision.

We know this might sound crazy so stay with us and we will...

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